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Copper Wear & Care 

***Copper is affected by these three things; atmospheric Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and sulfides. Over time your copper will change color. 

Oxygen causes the oxidation of copper into brown black copper oxide. 

Carbon dioxide leads to the formation of a green layer on copper called verdigris. It is due to the formation of copper carbonate.


Copper sometimes tarnishes due to the presence of sulfides in the atmosphere due to the formation of copper sulfide. {Having a buildup of Hydrogen Sulfide within your body may lead to blocked electron transfer within the mitochondrion of the body, causing septic shock and loss of libido to name a few on a long list of effects}.

***Soaking your copper in baking soda and lemon juice or ACV will make it easier to polish. Purchase a polishing cloth from my store to keep your precious metals looking fabulous!



Copper Benefits can be found here: 





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